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Name:Irene ZHANG

Email address:

Working language: English, Chinese

Professional field:

Trademark prosecution, including: Application, Oppositions, Review and appeal, Invalidation, Assignment and Licensing, Cancellations, Renewal and other trademark related services.

Patent prosecution including Invention (PCT or conventional), Design, Utility model application, international patent application, patent infringement, patent invalidation, portfolio management.

Copyrights registration, Litigation and infringing, all other relative intellectual property cases.


Started in the intellectual property industry from 2016, Irene has helped a great number of clients overseas dealing with IP prosecution and enforcement matters in China.

Aside from handling works of all kinds of IP matters, she has devoted herself in exploring and maintaining relationships with foreign associates as well as clients. Based on rich practical experience and legal knowledge, she keeps providing intellectual property services, guidance, suggestions with high quality for enterprises and firms worldwide.

She believes: 

Much time, money and development goes into thousands of products each year. These products must be patented and trademarked to secure a client’s niche in the IP industry and to hinder competition from copying the client’s products and trade names. Patents, trademarks and copyrights are a starting point. Many products are patentable and need an official trademark registration for marketing. If you are the first to think of an idea, then you have the right to claim, manufacture and sell your product exclusively. Therefore, Intellectual property is a quite essential part for our clients. She concentrates on offering clients an extensive network and full range of national and international business legal services.


Carefully do the details, in order to win trust in sincerity.

Create value for customers, the pursuit of excellence.


In her spare time, Irene enjoys playing badminton and listening to music. For fun, she is active in  sports and learning games with her kid.

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