Main Business

Patent agency
◇Patent applications for inventions, utility models and designs;
◇Patent review and invalidation matters;
◇Patent early warning, patent layout mining, technical subject search, competitor monitoring, anti-infringement search (FTO);
◇New search of domestic and foreign patent documents and non-patent documents;
◇International applications through Paris Convention and PCT;
◇Patent application, accelerated examination and annual fee maintenance in the United States, Europe, Japan, and South Korea one by one;
◇Patent infringement risk analysis and avoidance design;
◇Patent licensing, transfer filing and contract negotiation;
◇Patent civil litigation and administrative litigation;
◇Intellectual property (patent) legal counsel and patent custody monitoring services.

Trademark agency
◇Design and analysis of trademark strategy;
◇Application for trademark registration;
◇Renewal, transfer, alteration and licensing of trademarks;
◇Trademark monitoring;
◇International trademark registration application and related services;
◇ Trademark opposition application and defense;
◇Application and defense of trademark invalidation;
◇Well-known trademark identification, well-known trademark application;
◇Corporate trademark physical examination and strategic analysis;
◇Formulate enterprise trademark management system;
◇Intellectual property (trademark, copyright) legal advisory and custody services.

Copyright agency
◇Copyright registration; computer software copyright registration;
◇Customs record of copyright;
◇Request for postponement processing; objection and arbitration;
◇ Copyright infringement litigation, administrative investigation and related legal affairs.

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